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Tiya • Adadi Mariam • Melka Kunture

No. of day/night: - Excursion to Tiya, Adadi Mariam & Melka Kunture


Mode of transportation: - Surface 

Today you will have an excurison to Adadi Mariam,the southern most rock-hewn Church in Ethiopia. The monolitic churches of Adadi Mariam is carved by king lalibela with in 12 days. Like so many other Churches, Adadi Mariam was attacked by Ahmed Gragn in the 16th century. Visit and proceed to Tiya, one of the UNESCO site. After having your picnic lunch you will drive to Melka Kunture. Lying on the south bank of the Awash River near the town of Melka Awash, it is regarded to be one of the most important Stone Age archaeological sites of Ethiopia.  Tools in the form of hand axes and cleavers found here are dated back to 1.5 million – 2 million years old.

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